La invaluable historia de éxito de OpSec, es el resultado de nuestra capacidad de convertirnos en una extensión de la marca de nuestros clientes. Con la inteligencia de negocios como objetivo principal, OpSec puede integrar cada departamento (desde Producción hasta Productos para el consumidor, Comercialización y Jurídico) para lograr ese objetivo.

La expansión continua de los dispositivos de identificación por radiofrecuencia (RFID) ofrecen una oportunidad para que OpSec aproveche esa tecnología e integrarla en la autenticación y la mejora de los productos. A través de los RFID, OpSec busca atender dos problemas principales en los negocios:

•    Optimización de la cadena de suministros
•    Interacción con el cliente


RFIDIn optimizing the supply chain, manufacturers look to uniquely identify each unit coming off the production line. Integrating RFID solutions with authentication labels and hangtags allows for a unique digital identifier to be used in conjunction with a unique visual identifier to discover, report and correct inefficiencies. These solutions are powered by the OpSec InSight™ platform, providing automated data and analytics that will help to maximize your supply chain, manufacturing capacity, and warehousing and when combined with OpSec’s world-class technologies will allow you to authenticate your products with an added layer of confidence ensuring brand integrity.



NFCCreate an immersive consumer engagement strategy with NFC capabilities integrated with your products and apparel. This not only enables the collection of valuable demographic data but focuses on brand growth and loyalty by encouraging your customers to interact and share in the experiences you create for them. OpSec handles all aspects of your consumer engagement platform including development, hosting, fulfillment, and sweepstakes. Put the power of an integrated RFID/NFC authentication label to use in creating customer loyalty.


OpSec is the only provider to align all of this with your current supply chain. Product lifecycle management has never been so straightforward with the combination of RFID, authentication, and OpSec InSight.

A few of the companies that trust OpSec